Thanksgiving / November Logic Puzzles

preview1 preview2Hello, and welcome to the  Prime and Pi blog. We have quite a few items in the works and are very excited to post them soon.preview3

Our latest is this set of 8 LOGIC PUZZLES for November. These puzzles cover a variety of November themes such as Veterans Day, Black Friday, Fall crafts and, of course, Thanksgiving.

I hesitate to put age or grade level on any of these as I’ve discovered that it depends on the student and how familiar they are with this type of problem solving. All of these puzzles involve some skills in making inferences and deductive reasoning, so although these are on the easy side, knowledge of these skills are still helpful. The 2 puzzles below are the easiest puzzles in this set.




These bonus puzzles require a different way of thinking but they still challenge the mind. Of course, all these logic puzzles come with answer keys. This puzzle set can be  purchased HERE. Happy puzzling!