12 Insects Clip Art plus Bonus Borders

This set is contains tons of useful insect clipart for science related worksheets or practically any project that requires cuteness. Set includes 12 insects plus a slew of borders and extras. insects-color

Insects include:

  1. bee
  2. spider
  3. ladybug
  4. butterfly
  5. bookworm
  6. conch snail
  7. moth
  8. banana slug
  9. earthworm
  10. garden snail 1
  11. garden snail 2
  12. dragonfly
  13. bonus slug-like creature


Additional free borders (1 set standalone and 1 set with insects):

  1. scroll
  2. book
  3. wooden sign
  4. wooden sign with jagged edges
  5. dotted circle
  6. dotted squiggle
  7. sign with mushrooms on a mound
  8. paper with folded corner
  9. rectangle
  10. rounded stitched rectangle
  11. thinking bubble


The fact that these signs are included by themselves means that you can create your own insect/sign combo.

Or use any of the ones that come already paired below.


And all the images come in black & white line art as well as colored. One more–the insects also come colored but not outlined, giving a different effect to their cuteness. Whew! That’s a great deal isn’t it?




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